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Every piece that represents your brand has a face and has a voice. Our aim is to help you let those elements articulate your brand's values and promises.

"Messaging" refers to the way your brand describes itself. It appears everywhere. In your tagline and your slogans, in your print materials, in your advertising, on your website and on your business cards.

Good messaging will effectively convey your brand's benefits and be in line with your positioning and brand promise. The keys are consistency and focus.

Similarly, the imagery you choose shapes the way the consumer experiences your business or organization. The imagery you choose should differentiate you from your competition, in keeping with your positioning.

The messaging and the imagery you use should reveal and support the ideals you've set yourself up to embody.

5-I Brand Management can help you think through your messaging and your imagery. Let's make sure everything about your comapny speaks loudly and speaks on message.


Below is an example of a postcard developed for the Montgomery Biscuits. Notice the striking imagery: on the obverse, a ballpark at night and a sky full of fireworks. On the reverse, a boy holding an American flag. Notice the message: a simple headline and a violator that touts the low prices. The copy is consistent with the company's brand image.