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Your logo
might be the most seen and most recognizable part of your business or organization.

First and foremost, your logo identifies the company or the product or service it offers. Secondly, if it is successful, it will be recognizable and memorable. The logo is a shortcut that helps consumers identify and discriminate.

There's more to a logo than meets the eye. It must have a great concept and great execution. Without either of these key elements, a logo fails.

Similarly, the colors and the font choices you make to represent your business distinguish you in the marketplace. Think of cellular telephone companies, for instance. Which one is represented by bright orange? Which one is represented by yellow?

It's all part of the same process. That which sets you apart from the field gets you noticed.

Even if your company has already got a look and a color and font scheme you're comfortable with, maybe you're rolling out a new product or service we can help with. 5-I Branding's aim is to make you instantly recognizable.


Below is a logo designed for the Montgomery Biscuits, celebrating the team's 2006 Southern League Championship. The logo contains elements of the team's other logos and keeps the consistent look of the company.