We're living in a society of message overload. All day long, different messages compete for your valuable attention.

In this postmodern era of advertising, messages seek to differentiate themselves by being louder, or bigger or unique.

And yet still, as it has for thousands of years, nothing communicates better than the written word. For no matter how loud, nor how big nor how different each of those other messages are, it's likely that it met its target in a passive sort of way. People tend to squelch out most messages so that while they may come in contact with your intended message, they may experience it without truly being aware of it. (Ever watch a really great commercial and come away with no idea whom, or what, the commercial was promoting?)

Writing, on the other hand, is an active medium. The person being exposed to the message must actively participate, and nothing engages a person like crisp, dynamic writing.

Writing is both art and science. It follows a definite defined structure but even within that structure, the opportunity for embellishment is infinite.

What's more, poor writing can make you look unsophisticated and sloppy.

Let your printed material support your brand. 5-I Brand Management has years of experience in journalistic, technical and feature writing.

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