At the very minimum, advertising legitimizes you as an entity. Advertising places you in the consumers' consciousness. It gets people used to seeing your brand and being exposed to your message. In short, advertising gives your brand a presence.

But some advertising is really special. More than just establishing a presence, it urges people to act. It comes with a simple, specific and targeted message, and it produces results.

There are many different ways of accomplishing this with advertising. You can blanket the market with outdoor advertising, aim for specific readers with a print ad or target existing customers with direct mail. You can reach commuters on the radio or get to home viewers on the television. It all depends on your needs.

5-I Brand Management is interested in exploring your specific advertising needs and creating a plan to reach not just the most eyes and ears, but the right eyes and ears.

We've got experience in outdoor, print, radio, tv and multimedia creation along with ad placement. We'll work with you to develop ad campaigns and place the spots for you. Or, if you want to take more control, we'll show you how to place them yourself!

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TV portfolio coming soon.

Radio portfolio coming soon.